A cheat sheet for coping with family during the holidays

With days left until the big family gathering, we share some tips on how to deal with the set of diverse selves your family is likely to bring to the dinner table.

Being yourself vs. being your best self

Is there a true self within you waiting to be discovered or do you have an internal self store where you can shop for the best self? We turn to both Google search trends and science for some answers.

How to read research papers (even if you're not a trained scientist)

The media doesn't really help you understand the scientific process when they share news about chocolate diet breakthroughs. Let's learn how to find, judge, and read original research papers to check such claims!

Bonus post: the business of scientific publishing and open access alternatives

Old-world publishers make billions in revenue on the shoulders of publicly funded research. In this bonus post, we explore various forms of open access that are challenging the game and fighting to open research findings to the world.

The Unbricked Guide to Twitter: how to handle the outrage without becoming a troll

Maintaining calm on Twitter is no easy challenge. But letting the trolls and Nazis run free is not the solution. Let's explore a couple of strategies you can use to level up your online discussions.

LEGO® habit tracker: a fun way to visualize developing habits

Need a nudge to change some habits and an excuse to play with bricks? Leave your phone by the door, Unbricked Fig will show you how you can build a habit tracker based on bricks!

Why pens and pencils are still needed in the age of keyboards and emojis

What do you use when you want to get a fresh perspective on a problem? I sure hope the keyboard, either physical or virtual, isn't your first choice. We have a much better alternative: when you need a thinking or learning tool, a pen should be your first choice, regardless of whether it's powered by batteries or ink.

Candy vs Fruit apps: rewire your phone habit loop for a healthier app diet

Getting our faces stuffed with candy apps can easily become a habit. Luckily, you can rewire your habit-forming loop to reduce the time you waste in candy apps by being just a bit lazy and disappointed. No need to abandon your phone and the few healthy fruit apps just yet!